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Hello everyone and welcome to my very first post here! I have some really exciting ideas for this space but I thought what better way to start than to get to know me a bit better so here are a few facts about me.

My name is Kelly (in case you couldn’t tell from the title) and I’m currently 24 years old. I’ve been a blogger on and off for the past six years but earlier in the year decided to close my main blog down as I had fallen out of love with it and found I was just doing content for the sake of it. I very much fell into the “blogging made me do it” category which was not only time consuming but expensive too!

For the past four years I have also run another blog which focuses solely on history. Whilst it was a challenge…

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Ibiza Weekender Interview: David Potts


1. How did Ibiza Weekender come about for you?

David: I used to work for O2 and I knew it wasn’t the job for me. So I started looking for other jobs and I saw the Ibiza Weekender application form and I filled it in. I the had 3 auditions and then they picked me! BUZZING! 

2. Did we see the real you on the show?

David: Of course! I wouldn’t know how to be anything but myself.

4. If you was asked back for another series, Would you go?

David: 100% It’s the best job in the world!

5. How do you think the public has reacted to you & the show?

David: I think I have got a good reaction from the show. Obviously there’s people who don’t like me but I honestly couldn’t give a shit! 

6. Did you know any of the other Cast before the show?

David: No I had never met any of them before I started Ibiza Weekender.

7. Do you keep in touch with the other Cast members?

David: Yeah absolutely! We have a WhatsApp group which we all speak in everyday! And I see the majority of them a lot like at PA’s or events! 

8. Lastly, What’s next for You?

David: I am in talks with my management at the minute for other TV shows, and I’ve had a few meetings with different channels! Also I’ve got loads of Club Appearances booked in and hopefully another series of Weekender!